" Masterclass vivisection! Eclectic music material from the album INSIDE CITY, is result of the over two-year-long exploration of various artistic regions and genres. Just a sen-sa tion!"

                                                                                                     Forbes Poland


"Effortlessly sophisticated jazz. Beautifully understated and very emotional at the same time" Beautifully understated – a new record by Slawek Dudar  makes a tribute to a specific kind of thinking about music, though, it’s filled with extremely personal emotions. Worth to listen!



I found myself pleasantly surprised after listening to the 7 tracks on their latest release “Inside City”. You’ll enjoy checking out the music, and might want to consider adding it to your collection.
I highly recommend it.                                                                                 

                                                                Jazz Lounge


"Their music can described as contemporary jazz with a strong tendency to atmospheric jazz. Inside City is a child of the Polish jazz scene, which is addicted to the jazz mainstream.  Highly recommendable for jazz aficionados all over the world."


The album contains seven compositions by Dudar, creating less than 39 minutes of music, (...) I think that this fact is undoubtingly one of the greatest advantages of 'INSIDE CITY'. 

    Slawek Dudar Quartet is set somewhere in between smooth jazz and fusion, however , due to the fact that the sound doesn't linger , the album gains freshness and vigor. Moreover , it gets some lightness, which in this kind of jazz music is rarely found and which doesn't weary at all!



‘...the charm of his music is based on  perfect and deeply considered 

arrangements with the special emphasis on a great usage of a pianist;‘

…the performance of Dudar himself, who creates subtle phrases without any difficulties, being at the same time very creative. His densely woven phrases with sharp rhythm figuresand strongly sensed atmosphere of ‘contemporary times ‘referring to the album’s title makes this music sound elegant and sophisticated.  

All this breaks the previously imprinted picture of a heavy and gloomy Polish music. The leaders’ – Slawek Dudar’s - saxophone brings to mind the music of the greatest mainstream musicians of all times…

                                                                   Yoshinori Shirao, journalist, Japan


I listened to it a number of times and never grew tired of it.  It’s a great group!!! Slawek Dudar Quartet has created a CD of original jazz that is both accessible and challenging. Although there are many musical surprises, each original song has a comfort zone that draws the listener in.  The musical taste is outstanding. Slawek, the leader and saxophone player has total command of the instrument."                                                                                                                                                                     Bill Prince, multiinstrumentalist, USA 


I enjoyed the recording a lot—some great tunes and you play really nice. Good luck with it!

                                                       David Liebman / saxophone player / USA


"Slawek Dudar  offers the high end music. And, as it happens to the high end – to take something from there you need to reach this place first. That’s because it’s not a “cheap” jazz. Slawek Dudar’s album includes everything what the music should have –these are both atmosphere and topics ".
                                                                    Rafał Motriuk – Polish Radio BBC


...’there is no intrusive sax promoting. Leader gives the field, performance is in team, collective. On the other hand he plays with the mood and, on one side there is energy and liveliness of a drummer, on the other the calm pianist’s chords. And this is the reason – when you put away all descriptions and comparisons – why the album is nice to listen.’ 

                                                                    Rafał Zieliński - Gazeta Wyborcza


"…it is a solid and valuable contribution, especially due to the excellent compositions, which are all surprisingly diverse, melodic and far from being trivial or banal. Actually some of these tunes are truly outstanding to be honest.
Very well done gentlemen!"
                                                         Adam Baruch – 

‘What a great jazz in Wroclaw we have! The newest album of a saxophonist Slawek Dudar is a next evidence that Wroclaw’s jazz keeps a good level and may successfully represent us during the most prestigious international festivals. Beware of this CD – it really addicts!’


                                                                Marta Wróbel, 


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