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*.. acoustic power of saxophone & drums

   The concept of the band is based on the total freedom of expression as well as on the great understanding and mutual inspiration of the saxophonists.

   Their musical dialogues and monologues look sometimes like friendly chats that can suddenly turn into lively quarrels. The saxophonists’ melodious narratives are accompanied by the drummer’s energy offering a wide range of expressive sounds.


   The musicians’ high technical proficiency, which has been confirmed by numerous awards and the recognition of various festival bodies, makes it easier for you to follow your imagination.


What characterizes this project is the variety of colors and styles, the incredible energy, the freshness of the sound as well as the spinning tunes.


S L A W E K  D U D A R                             alt sax 

J A N U S Z   B R Y C H               bari/ tenor sax

M A T E U S Z   M A N I A K                      drums


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